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Name of era: Avar Khaganate

Era type: Dynasty

A tribal confederacy, established by the Avars in the early Middle Ages. The Avars were a confederation of Eurasian tribes from the steppes of Central Asia. The Khaganate was founded in 567 and lasted until 804 in the Carpathian Basin. The Avars arrived to the northern region of Caucasia in 557. They sent an embassy to Constantinople, marking their first contact with the Byzantine Empire. In exchange for gold, they agreed to subjugate the "unruly gentes" on behalf of the Byzantines. They conquered and incorporated various nomadic tribes - Kutrigur Bulgars, Onogur/Utigur Bulgars, Sabir. They also defeated Antes. The gradual decline of Avar power was brought to a rapid crash within a decade. A series of Frankish campaigns in the 790s led by Charlemagne ended with their conquest of the Avar realm, taking most of Pannonia up to the Tisza River. After the fall of the Avar Empire, the name Avar, and the self-identified constructed ethnicity it carried, disappeared within a generation.
Country Then: Hungary
Country Now: Hungary
Weblink: Era succeeded by Carolingian Empire


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Avar Khaganate 567 804

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