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Name of era: Byzantine Empire

Era type: Empire

In 330, during the Roman Empire period, the empire becomes too large to manage. It was split into western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire - the Byzantine Empire. The new empire was seated in the Greek city of Byzantinum. The empire caried the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome over the long dark ages. Byzantine means "New Rome". It is a collection of Greek and middle eastern territories. Christinity becomes the ruling culture, replacing Greek mythological gods. During the Byzantine empire, the middle east area and Asian minor saw the Arab conquest.
Country Then: Greece, Turkey
Country Now: Turkey
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Era preceeded by Roman Empire
Era succeeded by Ottoman Empire


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Pythagoras of Samos Pythagoras of Samos -570 -495

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Hittites Empire -1750 -1180
Byzantine Empire 330 1453
Latin Empire 1204 1261

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Treaty of Sevres 1920 Ottoman Empire