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Name of era: Francia

Era type: period

The Frankish Kingdom co-existed with the Roman Empire for about 200 years or so. The Franks were a Germanic tribe that started in the North and East of Rhine river. The tribe grew after the end of the Roman empire, and was later broken into three partitions, the west Francia (mostly France of today), the east Francia (mostly Germany today), and the middle Francia. The breakdown of the Frankish empire affected the landscape and politics of Europe for at least a thousand years after it ended, and defines the geo-politics of what we call the West today. It consists of the Merovingian dynasty and the Caroligian dynasties. Eventually, the use of the name Francia is associated with the Kingdom of France.
Country Then: France, Germany, Italy
Country Now: France, Germany, Italy
Weblink: Era related to Charlemagne
Era succeeded by Holy Roman Empire


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Francia 400 843

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Oath of Strasbourg 842 France, Germany, Italy