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Name of era: India Maurya Empire

Era type: empire

The Maurya Empire rise over the Verdic Period and unified much of Indian Subcontinent. The empire later became weak with weaker kings. The Indian-Greek king Demitrius took over much of the north region. The three Indian religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism flourished. Hinduism emphasizes reincarnation and Karma. Buddhism emphasizes universal suffering and discipline. Jainism emphasizes individual souls to enable believers to become saints and break the incarnation cycle.
Country Then: India
Country Now: India
Weblink: Era preceeded by India Vedic Period


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Indus Valley Civilization -3300 -1300
India Vedic Period -1700 -500
India Maurya Empire -322 -185
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom -256 -125
India Satavahana Dynasty -230 220
Indo-Greek Kingdoms -180 10
India Guptas Golden Age 320 600
Nalanda University founded 427 1197

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