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Name of era: Mongol Attacks on Russia

Era type: period

The advancement of Mongols, both during and after Khengis Khan, played important part in reshaping Russia history. Before Mongol raids, Russia was centered on Kiev. During the Mongol raids, the rulers in Moscow collaborated with Mongols, and thus turned the center of the country to Moscow. Mongols first showed up on Russian radar around 1223, and then reappeared in 1237 with stronger forces. In 1382, Mongols burned down Moscos. Between 1449 and 1459, Mongols repeatedly looted the outskirts of Moscos.
Country Then: Russia
Country Now: Russia
Weblink: Era preceeded by Mongol Empire


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Ivan III of Russia Ivan III Tsar 1440 1505
Peter I Pyotr Romanov 1672 1725
Catherine II of Russia Catherine Tsar 1729 1796
Alexander I of Russia Alexander Tsar 1777 1825
Alexander II Tsar Alexander Tsar 1818 1881
Leo Tolstoy Lev Tolstoy 1828 1910
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Pyotr Tchaikovsky 1840 1893
Vladimir Lenin Vladimir Lenin 1870 1924

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Mongol Attacks on Russia 1223 1480
Grand Principality of Moscow 1283 1547
Russian Empire 1721 1917
Russian Civil War 1917 1922

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Russian Emancipation Reform 1861 1861 Russia
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1918 Russia