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Name of era: Seleucid Empire

Era type: Empire

Alexander the Great took Greece from the ashes of Athens and Spartans to new heights, reaching the height of Macedonia. After the death of Alexander The Great, the Greek Macedonia Empire is broken into several pieces. The western piece ruled Egypt, and a eastern piece, the Seleucid Empire, ruled the east. This empire is formed roughly at the same time as the Ptolema Empire of Egypt.
Country Then: Persia
Country Now: Iran
Weblink: Era preceeded by Achaemenid Empire


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Elam -2700 -539
Median Empire -678 -594
New Babylonian Empire -626 -539
Achaemenid Empire -550 -336
Seleucid Empire -312 -63
Parthian Empire -247 224
Sassanid Empire 224 651

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Zero was invented 814 Persia