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Corinthian War (-395 - -387) Greece

Date event started: 0000-00-00
Date event ended: 0000-00-00
Short summary The militaristic city-state of Sparta (southern Greece) won the Peloponnesian against democratic Athens, with backing of Persian Empire. However, continued war efforts and expansion ambitions caused four allied city-states in Greece and the Persian Empire to fight against Spartans, and eventually brought down the Sparta state. The ancient Greeks, including Athens and Spartans, are both military- and expansion- minded. Ionia was ceded to Persia at the end.
Country then: Sparta
Country Now: Greece
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Event Era: Second Athenian Empire

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Found following people by country name matching: Greece

Socrates Socrates Socrates -469 -399
Democritus Democritus Democritus -460 -370
Aristotle Aristotle Aristotle -384 -322
Alexander the Great Alexander The Great -356 -323

Found following era name by country matching: Greece

Mycenaean Greece -1900 -1100
Greek Dark Ages -1200 -800
Macedonia -800 -146
Archaic Greece -800 -480
Delian League -477 -404
Second Athenian Empire -378 -355
Kingdom of Greece 1832 1974

Found following event by country matching: Greece

First Olympiad of Ancient Greece -776 -772
First Persian Invasion of Greece -492 -490
Peloponnesian War -431 -404
Corinthian War -395 -387

Found following milestone by country matching: Greece

Athenian Democracy -508 Greece
Parthenon Dedication -438 Athens