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Sino-Japanese War I (1894 - 1895) Japan, China

First Sino-Japanese War
Also known as: War of Jiawu
Also known as: 甲午海战
Date event started: 1894-08-01
Date event ended: 1895-04-17
Short summary A war fought between a declining Qing dynasty and the strengthened Meiji era Japanese fleet. Many chinese sailors were trained in Germany and the United States. However, the Japanese navy defeated the entire Chinese fleet. The Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed on 17 April 1895. China recognized the total independence of Korea and ceded the Liaodong Peninsula (in the south of the present day Liaoning Province), Taiwan and the Penghu Islands to Japan "in perpetuity". Additionally, China was to pay Japan 200 million Kuping taels as reparation. China also signed a commercial treaty permitting Japanese ships to operate on the Yangtze River, to operate manufacturing factories in treaty ports and to open four more ports to foreign trade. The Triple Intervention, however, forced Japan to give up the Liaodong Peninsula in exchange for another 30 million Kuping taels (450 million yen). After the war, according to the Chinese scholar, Jin Xide, the Qing government paid a total of 340,000,000 taels ( 13,600 tons ) of silver to Japan for both the reparations of war and war trophies. This was equivalent to (then) 510,000,000 Japanese yen, about 6.4 times the Japanese government revenue.
Country then: Japan, China
Country Now: Japan, China
Event Era: Qing Dynasty

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Sino-Japanese War I 1894 1895

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