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The Crusade (1095 - 1212) France, Italy, Germany

The Crusades
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Short summary The rivalry between Muslims and Christians escalated over hundreds of years. In 1071, a Muslim army defeated Byzantines at the Battle of Manzikert. Pope Urban II gathered knights and peasants to march on Jerusalem, which was taken by Muslims in 638. The first crusade resulted in successful retaking of Jerusalem, and an infamous massacre. Other crusades results more and more fertile outcomes. In one case, Crusades attacked Byzantine church and French dissenters.
Country then: Byzantine empire, Pope, France
Country Now: France, Italy, Germany
1699-6-7 | First crusade entered Jerusalem | Godfrey of Bouillon|
1148 | Second crusade 1148 | enter|
1192 | Third crusade, beaten by Saladin | Saladin|
1212 | Children's crusade | enter|
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The Crusade 1095 1212

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