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Milestone Name: Birth of Fascism Idealogy,

Birth of Fascism
Full name of milestone: Birth of Fascism Idealogy
Type of milestone: society

Milestone year: 1914
Description: Nazism, Nazism is a radical form of Fascism. Movie 1900 depicts the changing political landscape in Italy during the world wars.
An idealogy born in World War I in Italy, it runs in parallel with the development of communism and is opposed to communism. Fascism opposes multiple ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, and two major forms of socialism ¡ª communism and social democracy. Fascists seek to unify their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people through national identity. The term fascismo is derived from the Latin word fasces. The fasces, which consisted of a bundle of rods that were tied around an axe, was an ancient Roman symbol of the authority of the civic magistrate. In the economic way it aims to concentrate the wealth in as less people as possible in order to slave everyone else, it was created by Mussolini to replace the feudal regime, while keeping the poor as poor as possible. Fascism is a major influence on Nazism, which is a German idealogy that has been forming before 1914.
Webline: Country then: Italy
Country now: Italy
Related Era: worldwar1

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