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Milestone Name: The First Agricultural Revolution,

First Agricultural Revolution
Full name of milestone: The First Agricultural Revolution
Type of milestone: Technology
Newlithic Revolution
Milestone year: -10000
The first time humans start to grow crops (barley and wheat) at Fertile Crescent (now-a-day Egypt and Mesopotamia regions, near rivers) was a significant moment. Humans in these regions no longer need to go hungry, or have to move from place to place with season changes. This also means that people live more stable lives, live in villages or other close quarters, and start to have larger families. Around 8000 BC, people began to harness animal power, grow cash crops (cottons, silk), and turn part of agriculture into an industry.
Webline: Country then: Mesopotamia
Country now: Iraq
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Ubaid Period -6500 -3800
Uruk Period -4000 -3100
Assyria -2400 -608
Akkadian Empire -2334 -2154
First Babylonian Dynasty -1894 -1531

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First Agricultural Revolution -10000 Mesopotamia