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Milestone Name: Joseph Swan demonstrate first electric light,

Joseph Swan demonstrate electric light
Full name of milestone: Joseph Swan demonstrate first electric light
Type of milestone: technology

Milestone year: 1878
Joseph Swan, a British physicist, started working on electric light around 1850. He first used carbon filament and partial vacuum. On December 18, 1878, he demonstrated a working incandescent light at a lecture. did not receive a patent until 27 November 1880 (patent No. 4933) after improvement to the original lamp. Edison tried platinum and then returned to carbon, and had first success on October 22, 1879. Edison continued to improve this design and by November 4, 1879, filed for U.S. patent 223,898 (granted on January 27, 1880) for an electric lamp using "a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected to platina contact wires". Swan did not get to see Edison in court though, since Edison and Swan companies merged.
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Country then: United Kingdom
Country now: United Kingdom
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