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Milestone Name: The Treaty of Sevres,

Treaty of Sevres
Full name of milestone: The Treaty of Sevres
Type of milestone: War

Milestone year: 1920
The Ottoman Empire joined the Germans in the World War I. Due to the decline of the empire, young Ottoman officers aligned with the Germans to advance the country and return the country to its past glory. However, the price that the Ottoman empire paid is severe. The Severs Treaty, a brain child of allied forces (mainly Lloyd George of Great Britain and Georges Clemenceau of France). The treaty spelled the end of the Ottoman empire, and unwind nearly two thousand years of history accumulated through the Byzantine and the Ottoman empire. The treaty affected Greece, Israle, Palestine, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. The modern day border of many countries is drawn. The fate of many people, including Germans, Armenians, Palatines were deeply affected.
Webline: Country then: Ottoman Empire
Country now: Turkey
Related Era: Ottoman Empire

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Treaty of Sevres 1920 Ottoman Empire