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Milestone Name: Muslims begun using zero in equations,

Zero was invented
Full name of milestone: Muslims begun using zero in equations
Type of milestone: science
Hindu-Arabic Numerals
Milestone year: 814
Description: Hindu Arabic Numeral,
Chinese and Indians started using the concept of zero around 300-400 BC. Around 814, the Hindu-Arab numeral was invented by a Persian scientist, al-Khw¨¡rizm¨©.
Webline: Country then: Persia
Country now: Iran
Related Era: Middle Ages

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Elam -2700 -539
Median Empire -678 -594
New Babylonian Empire -626 -539
Achaemenid Empire -550 -336
Seleucid Empire -312 -63
Parthian Empire -247 224
Sassanid Empire 224 651

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Zero was invented 814 Persia